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Formed Food Shapes
Emergency Breakdowns
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Non-stick Xylan Coating

Formed Food Shapes

What shapes can we do? Virtually anything! We shaped food forming engineershave produced all variety of shapes, from simple to three dimensional, profiled, ribbed, featured (e.g. faces and animals) and so on.

We work to the finest of tolerances. All our engineers are specialists in the food forming industry. We even use bespoke machinery which has largely been made by ourselves to suit our very stringent and specific needs. You simply will not find a more specialist organisation in the food forming industry.


We only use the very food industry approved materialsbest in materials. We use what we believe to be the highest grades of thermoplastics available in the world. These include fully food industry approved materials. (FDA approved in the USA, also approved for contact with foodstuffs in the UK).


Turnaround times at Meatec are always geared to customer requirements. We are usually way faster than our competitors, which is especially useful in a breakdown or emergency situation.

Emergencies & Breakdowns

At Meatec, we are very reactive in a breakdown situation - more often than not, we turn around replacement plate sets (or other supported food forming components) within 24 hours.

Research & Development

Development tooling Bench & kitchen platessample plates (also known as Bench plates or Kitchen plates) are our special forté.

We work from any concept requested by the customer/development team and in practical terms we are often seen by customers as an extension of their own R&D department. Details of work undertaken for clients is, of course, completely confidential. All we need is an idea of the finished requirements in terms of food weight, approximate size and shape etc.

(At Meatec, by the way, prototype costs are refunded against an order of a corresponding production set).

Non-stick (Xylan) Coating Service

A non-stick coating service (Xylan) is available for aluminium components and knockouts. This type of coating helps control friction, essentially lubricating the moving parts involved while reducing levels of wear, heat and corrosion. Please contact us for further details.


Meatec delivery times are truly unbeatable within the industry and we always endeavour to work to customers' requirements in this respect.

We only use reputable overnight couriers for fulfilment, including Interlink for the UK and UPS or FedEx for world-wide destinations.


We guarantee that we won't be beaten on price, while at the same time our quality and technical capability remains unsurpassed in the industry.


• Airblast KO assemblies
• Bench plates
• Burger plates / formers
• Development tooling
sample plates
• Fill slot plates
• Food forming moulds / molds
• Food forming sets / plates
• Heated aluminium
KO assemblies
• Kitchen plates
• Knockout bars & blocks
• Knockout cups
• Knockout sets
• KO assemblies
• Meat moulds / molds
• Mould sets / mold sets
• Patty formers
• Plate sets
• Rolling attachments
• Side bars & spacers
• Xylan coating

food rolling attachments

If your product is not listed, please contact us

Supported Machines:

• Formax ®
• CFS EasyFormer
• CFS MultiFormer
• CFS PerFormer ®
• Koppens VM 400
• Koppens VM 600
• Koppens VM 900
• MLF400
• MLF600
• MLF900
• Provatec ™ 745
• Provatec ™ 760
• Stork
• Squareformer
• Square Company AB Minimat
• Square Company AB Medimat
• Square Company AB Gigant
Formax, Koppens, NuTEC, Provatec, Stork, Squareformer, Square Company AB
If your machine is not listed, please contact us

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