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Forming sets & food moulds

Forming sets & food moulds: THE engineers / manufacturers

Forming sets and food moulds require specialist skills and production techniques. It is an area which requires extensive experienceFormax,  Koppens,  NuTEC, Provatec, Stork, Squareformer, Square Company AB etc. and knowledge of the food industry and of the machines and processes involved. A suite of specialist machinery is essential, as is a thorough understanding of the stringent health and safety issues inherent in the food industry. An expert knowledge of materials approved by the food industry around the world, for use in food forming machines and components, is just one example of this.

Meatec is just such a specialist manufacturer. We have been producing food forming sets, and food moulds etc. for the last quarter of a century. Quite simply, we are THE specialists in this area and are well known by virtually all of the major food manufacturers and processors around the world.

As well as simply providing forming sets, plates, moulds and components for food production, we are able to advise customers on product viability, machine capabilities and any possible Rolling attachments are a particular speciality at Meatecproduction limitations well in advance of a full production run. This is particularly useful to organisations' Research & Development teams or Production departments where we can, to all intents and purposes, become "part of the team" during new product ventures.

We are not tied to any one machine manufacturer as we are wholly independent, privately owned manufacturer. We routinely, therefore, produce food forming machine components for Formax ®, Koppens, NuTec, Provatec ™, Stork, Squareformer, Square Company AB and so on. A more comprehensive list of supported food forming machines is shown right.

Fast help in the event of a breakdownAnother of Meatec's strengths is in the ability to quickly help out when an unexpected machine breakdown occurs. When such an emergency happens, we are probably faster than any other company in supplying replacement components. (More info here).


• Forming sets
• Food forming moulds
• Mould sets / mold sets
• Rolling attachments
• Knockout bars & blocks
• Knockout cups
• Knockout sets
• KO assemblies
• Airblast KO assemblies
• Bench plates
• Burger plates / formers
• Development tooling
sample plates
• Fill slot plates
• Heated aluminium
KO assemblies
• Kitchen plates
• Meat moulds / molds
• Pattie food formers
• Plate sets
• Side bars & spacers
• Xylan coating

If your product is not listed, please contact us

Supported Machines:

• Formax ®
• CFS EasyFormer
• CFS MultiFormer
• CFS PerFormer ®
• Koppens VM 400
• Koppens VM 600
• Koppens VM 900
• MLF 400
• MLF 600
• MLF 900
• Provatec ™ 745
• Provatec ™ 760
• Stork
• Squareformer
• Square Company AB Minimat
• Square Company AB Medimat
• Square Company AB Gigant

If your machine is not listed, please contact us

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